Ultrasound America, LLC

About Us

Owner, Susan Pritts, RDMS, RCS, has been providing ultrasound services  since 1995. She is a registered sonographer in multiple imaging  specialty areas; credentialed through the American Registry of  Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) and Cardiovascular Credentialing  International, (CCI). She is also licensed through the American  Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), and certified for first  trimester nuchal translucency assessment through the Nuchal Translucency  Quality Review organization. (NTQR). She is known for her talents in  teaching clinical skills and uses a practical "hands on" approach in her  communications. Her skills can often obtain diagnostic images even on  technically difficult cases and is respected for her knowledge of  pathology as it relates to ultrasound. She stays up to date on clinical  changes and is continuously learning new areas of specialty. Susan is  known for being personable, compassionate, and thorough. Previous  employers have utilized her advanced skills and natural teaching ability  to train residents, interns, nurse practitioners, and physicians in  fundamental ultrasound techniques and practical applications.

"From  the first time I saw ultrasound used I was captivated! It amazed me to  see the human body in such intricate detail; from beating hearts  to real-time observations of physiologic movements and  organs. Everything is affected by such small actions, like breathing or  stretching." It continues to keep me in awe of such a wonderful design -  God's handiwork.

Our Mission

We will provide ultrasound services in a proactive manner for those who  want to "own" their healthcare choices. We are empowering them with  knowledge independent of insurance preapprovals, copays, and  skyrocketing deductibles, so they are able to make informed decisions as  educated healthcare consumers. 

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